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Step aside, the legendary Cheese finally gets an automatic version. Cut it, smell it and smoke it! Taking weed to another level again.

5 seeds - $41.10

This product is out of stock.

Mix of the best medical cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds.
Why does the ice cream man have red eyes? Because he has been tasting his own product, the mighty green ice cream: Green Gelato.
Why do think The Hulk is really green? That's from toking the good stuff, like this powerhouse by Royal Queen Seeds.
How come the garden smells of fresh baked cookies? It's the incredibly fastgrowing automatic version of Royal Cookies. Tasty!
A powerful strain that combines the speed of an autoflower with the deep calm of the original Gorilla strain. To recap: you will be super stoned in no time.
Serious Seeds gets serious about OG Kush improving it to great head nodder. Get some snacks, fire up the console and lock the door. You're not going anywhere after a…

6 seeds - $82.21

The Serious Seeds collab with German rapper King Keill results is a tasty variant of AK-47. Ja, das ist Geil!

6 seeds - $93.95

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