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The genetics of Banana Kush will have cannaisseurs drooling. And that's without smelling the beautiful aroma of the full-grown buds.
Cookies Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds is a meeting of two legendary powerhouses. A banger so a little goes a long way with this one.
Double Banana Kush may well be the ultimate chill at home cannabis strain. Just relax and get into your favourite hobby.
Gelato #420 is a powerful kush plant with a beautiful bouquet and a deep effect that will suprise even the experienced stoner.
Easy does it. Girl Scout Cookies by White Label is easy to grow and has a nice soothing effect for all you stressed out folks.
Green Gelato Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most powerful autoflowers humanity has ever seen and smoked.
Get ready for a ride with the amazing effect of Guava Jelly by White Label. Watch those buds turn pink and prepare to get high.
Haze Berry Automatic is the perfect strain for an in-between smoke. It also will tickle your creative juices.
Lovers of CBD-rich cannabis should investigate Joanne's CBD by Royal Queen Seeds. A smoke to ease all worries without getting high.
Mother Gorilla is primarily the results of crossing Gorilla Glue (GG #4) with Reina Madre and is a Royal Queen Seeds exclusive. Ultimately, it has a heritage of 75% sativa…
Purple Queen Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is a beautiful plant that will deliver express stress relief.
Purplematic CBD by Royal Queen Seeds combines an impressive percentage of CBD with the ease of an autoflower.
Shogun by Royal Queen Seeds is a powerful and energetic cannabis strain that will get you into the zone.
Strawberry Kush is the result of Haze and Kush lineages which produces a beautiful relaxing body buzz while you enjoy that sweet strawberry scent.
Sweet ZZ Auto by Royal Queen Seeds sets a new standard for autoflowers with a strong relaxing effect and an intruiging taste profile.
Tatanka Pure CBD by Royal Queen Seeds is the product of two strong CBD strains which results in a chill smoke that keeps you fully functional.
Triple G by Royal Queen Seeds combines two cannabis powerhouses to create a smoke that will astonish all heads.
Wedding Cheesecake by White Label is an unforgettably complex and strong cannabis strain. Get ready for a new marriage because you want her in your life permanently.
Get hazed with the potent White Gorilla Haze by White Label. A true cannabis strain for veteran users.
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