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The strain that changed cannabis culture and has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century .Skunk #1 produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields.
As far back as the Eighties, Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judged and she remains one of the most trusted names and sought-after…
The number one choice for indica lovers who value robust plants with quick, vigorous flowering and huge, dense buds!
The classic Afghani #1 has been updated to a feminized, autoflowering seed strain to make it even easier for beginners and indoor growers with limited space.
Through extensive research and testing, Sensi Seeds was able to take the Big Bud clone back to her roots by breeding with a rare and special Afghani, resulting in the…
Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful females with really big buds? This is your chance!
One of the deepest indicas ever just got darker with a complex four-way hybrid that will blow you off your socks.
California Indica Feminized seeds inherit fast, heavy flowering and a hashish-scented undertone from their indica ancestry. The Californian parent lends a delicious orange aroma and imparts a delightful lift to…
Outside its home continent, Durban is easily the best-known African cannabis strain. This chunky subtropical sativa grows abundantly across southern Africa and is enjoyed everywhere.
For excellent results and reliable outdoor performance, Early Skunk could qualify as the best all-round strain in the Sensi Seed Bank collection. She’s tough, fast and amazingly vibrant, and able…
If you’re looking for an easy, fast, feminized seed strain which will produce high potency buds in almost any environment and circumstance, look no further than Early Skunk Automatic seeds.
This is a mixture of cannabis Indicas and Sativas taken from a variety of strains. An all-female garden of powerful Indicas and Sativas is easy with this mix of seeds…

5 seeds - $24.87$19.90

Feminized version of the classic Hindu Kush which is a true gourmet strain with delicious hints of anise and sandalwood.
Hindu Kush has always rewarded growers of all levels of experience with its reliable growth pattern, and this new Automatic expression just made producing successful harvests of top quality indica…
Continuing the tradition of improving on their best work, Sensi Seeds presents Jack Flash - an all-female version of Jack Herer´s direct descendant!
This hybrid’s complex balance of sativa and indica qualities produces exquisitely structured buds with a fantastically dense coating of cannabinoid-rich resin glands.
Jamaican Pearl Feminized cannabis seeds have their origins in a Sensi Seeds breeding program which focused on tropical sativas.
Mexican Sativa Feminized is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced cultivators. If you are looking for a strong, uplifting sativa with an exotic taste, look no further!
Feminized Northern Lights#5 x Haze balances the finest features of soaring tropical Sativa and voluptuous, earth-shaking Indica. Universally regarded as a high-point in cannabis breeding, many weed scholars consider her…
Northern Lights Automatic continues the traditions of her classic ancestors; she produces fast, solid harvests with surprisingly little growing-odour.
Feeling a bit stressed out? Let this autoflower by Sensi Seeds Research fix that for you. Easy to grow, easy on the nerves.
What's better for the lovers of Kush than a double dose of their favourite strain? Now made even easier to grow by Sensi Seeds Research.
Two extremes meet in the middle: the CBD heavy Swiss Dream vs THC-monster Skunk #1 Auto. The result is a perfectly balanced autoflower.
This solid, succulent, citrus twist on the Skunk line is a fine addition to anyone’s grow-room or garden. Sensi Skunk was launched in 1991 to celebrate the expansion of the…
An astonishingly easy and rewarding feminized auto-flowering version of a trusted classic.
The most powerful member of the Skunk family and therefore one of the most potent Indica-dominant strains ever made available, this very special hybrid is named in honour of the…
This super-resinous Skunk hybrid is one of the strongest indica dominant strains ever. Cannabis novices better watch out!
Silver Haze #9 is a superb all-female strain that has been back-crossed to the original Haze parent stock over several generations.
Feminized Skunk #1 Automatic offers everything a grower could want in one simple package!
Skunk Kush, Sensi’s latest feminised Skunk hybrid, mixes the pure Afghani genes of Hindu Kush with the explosive vigour and unstoppable performance of Skunk #1.
With just a little encouragement, this strain builds colossal, crystal-covered colas indoors or in the greenhouse. Super Skunk bears the rare distinction of being one of the only cannabis strains…
Super Skunk Automatic produces delicious, fat, fragrant buds which bristle with oversized calyxes and almost drip with resin!
With the mystery pack, you receive numerous seeds (feminized or regular) from a top quality brand at a very steep discount. It's like an awesome cannabis seeds bargain bin!

10 seeds - $16.96$13.57

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