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Big Jack is composed of the strain named in honour of the late great cannabis crusader, Jack Herer, and a heavy yielding Big Bud variety.

5 seeds - $43.83$21.92

The balance of The Force: CBD and THC producing that delicious hazy stone. CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze by SeedStockers makes it all possible.

5 seeds - $24.25$14.55

With THC-glistening buds reminiscent to the ever white peaks of Mt. Everest, Everest Bud is a safe bet for those who like old-school white varieties.

5 seeds - $33.02$16.51

To create Killer White, GreenLabel made a selection using only the most potent plants, looking for those unique phenotypes that combine a mind-blowing high with extreme resin production.

5 seeds - $33.02$16.51

A big hitting autoflower, Thin Mint Crack autoflower delivers the goods. Easy to grow, easy to enjoy with some classic creative "pinball" highs.

5 seeds - $30.34$18.20

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