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Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds innovation

Amsterdam Genetics is a modern and innovative cannabis company based in Amsterdam. They draw practical understanding from their demanding customers at renowned coffee shops like Dampkring, De Tweede Kamer and Boerejongens.

Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds

Amsterdam Genetics brings to you some of the most consistent cannabis seeds available. Now it’s your chance to start growing your own cannabis at home with Amsterdam Genetics seeds.

Creating outstanding cannabis seeds is a craft that combines natural selection with scientific assistance. The finest cannabis seeds are produced by design rather than by accident. Nowadays this is a high-tech business using laboratories that measure precise levels of THC and other cannabinoids, allowing growers to produce strains exactly the way customers want them. Identifying exceptional plants is only the start of the process. Much of the work to produce great cannabis seeds is done to ensure as much stability as possible in the resulting plants. Amsterdam Genetics place top priority on creating and stabilising their own F1 cannabis seeds.

Producing cannabis seeds with stabilised top quality features often takes years of effort. Many customers grow just a few plants each year for their own use, they choose Amsterdam Genetics Seeds not because they are the cheapest cannabis seed supplier but because they offer the most stable versions of the best cannabis strains on the market. Some of the most celebrated Amsterdam Genetics strains are AK-202, Green Magic and White Choco.

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Note: These seeds are not available in the Azarius store in Amsterdam, but if you call us a few days ahead of time we can arrange to stock the desired seeds just for you. Click here for the contact details: Azarius shop.

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AK-47 of course is a legend. Now Amsterdam Genetics sweetens the crowd-pleaser with a nice touch of chocolate.

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Multiple prizewinner AK-47 gets an update by Amsterdam Genetics. Be prepared for some long-lasting relaxation.

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Get ready for some heavy narcosis as provided by Mother Earth. And as a bonus AK-OG Kush produces so many crystals you could start a jewellery.

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This elite cannabis strain has more to offer than a dazzling explosion of taste alone; it also produces a high that average smokers will easily find stupefying in its richness.…
Ever been to Amsterdam? Then you've probably smoked Amnesia there. Yep: Amnesia is that strain you smoked before you locked yourself into the toilet and didn't remember how to unlock…
Blue Magic, the thing that comes after Green Magic and destined for the same popularity. A true Amsterdam style heavy hitter from the home team Amsterdam Genetics.
Amsterdam Genetics present a scoop: the first autoflower seed with White Choco genetics. Long lasting body buzz included.

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Green Magic has in a very short period become a firm favourite, gaining a faithful following within months of its introduction in coffee shops in Amsterdam

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Yeah, yeah, white chocolate isn't real chocolate. But this hybrid of White Choco and Kosher Kush is the real deal. Expect a wild combination of tastes.

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New and old meet each other producing a powerful, fast-growing strain, straight from the heart of Amsterdam.

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Are you looking for creative insights? Lemon Ice combines an uplifting daytime high with a sweet citrus taste.

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You don't have to be ill to enjoy the full flavour and deep bodily effect of Pineapple Kush. Better invest in a comfy couch too.

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Gorillas like bananas, so the crossing of Gorilla Glue x Strawberry Banana should make sense. Amsterdam Genetics followed this logic with some potent results.
Super Silver Haze by Amsterdam Genetics is strong yet subtle, making it one of the favourite cannabis strains of the connaisseurs in Amsterdam coffeeshops.
The Tangerine G13 strain is a strain that has already surprised many consumers because of its potency, vigour and effect.

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Everybody loves white chocolate. So unsurprisingly this smokeable version became a big hit in Dutch coffeeshops.

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A tasty White Choco version with Haze power-ups results in a beautiful plant which will infuse your daydreams with brilliant ideas.

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