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Azarius brand cannabis seeds

Azarius Seeds, cannabis seeds as developed by your favourite smartshop.

Azarius Seeds: super affordable cannabis seeds

High quality feminized cannabis seeds under our very own brand. Until we hear a better suggestion (or are legally persuaded), we're sticking with the slogan 'Taste the rainbow'.
At Azarius we like cannabis...a lot. We also like affordable products, so we did the math after some heavy toking: Azarius cannabis seeds: a small selection of seeds that won't break the bank and are extremely easy to grow. That's an offer you can't refuse!
So check out our Amsterdam know-how with a classic like White Widow or easy autoflowers like Auto Massive Bud and the Christmas classic Auto Frosty Bud. Just look out for that friendly rainbow.

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All Azarius Seeds strains are also available in our offline Azarius shop in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam.

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Our Auto Frosty Bud grows and flowers so fast, it’s like magic! In only 9 weeks’ time, she’ll reward you crystal-laden buds that hold a spicy flavour and provide an…

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Azarius loves big buds. Who doesn't? The Auto Massive Bud is pre-dominantly Indica strain that's engineered to bring you big, juicy, smelly buds that you want to sink your teeth…

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Our automatic version of one of the most iconic strains in cannabis history.

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This Azarius private label ‘super sativa’ contains genetics identical to those found in some of the most renowned haze varieties. The yields never fail to amaze, and its effects are…

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Ultra Critical is a fast flowering hybrid that is capable of delivering huge amounts of potent bud. A favorite amongst both amateur and experienced cultivators worldwide.

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White Widow seeds of Azarius' own brand are guaranteed to produce resin-dripping, THC-rich offspring.

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