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Big Buddha Seeds | The best cannabis genetics

Big Buddha, based in the U.K. made the decision to start a seed company after having travelled around the world collecting new genetics. Their first release was the Big Buddha Cheese, setting new standards and introducing a new line of cannabis genetic material to the world.

Big Buddha Seeds cannabis strains

What makes Big Big Buddha Seeds stand out is their experience with genetics. They breed, develop and improve their genetics every year to make sure that your experience when purchasing Big Buddha Seeds products is the very best.

Big Buddha developed the Big Buddha Cheese strains in 2002 and is recognised throughout the world as the creator of the legendary Cheese seed. Cheese is much loved for its relaxed and happy effect. Since then they have produced many variants on Cheese, like Bubble Cheese next to other excellent strains like Buddha Haze.

Big Buddha Seeds at Azarius

The following strains are available in our offline Azarius shop in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam: Big Buddha Cheese and Blue Cheese .

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Big Buddha's Cheese retains its mother's old skool taste and, with the help of Afghani, has a higher overall yield than the original cheese mother. The taste of this popular…

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Step aside, the legendary Cheese finally gets an automatic version. Cut it, smell it and smoke it! Taking weed to another level again.

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Big Buddha's Blue Cheese was created by selecting a Blueberry male from the entire collections of several different breeder versions of Blueberry. The result is a sweet, fruity, tarty, berry…

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You can expect a super fast auto flowering growth all throughout the process. The buds are very stoney, cheesy nuggets that are dense and compact, and laden with that famous…

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Bubble Cheese grows stout, single, fat head colas packed with a fruity sweet Kush and a hint of Cheese !

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The Buddha Haze has an amazing tropical flavoured fruity haze and is highly unique.

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Cheesus will grow lavender, pine berry cheese flavoured buds with excellent medicinal properties to heal the empty headspaces of its disciples...Cheesus Christ!

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The Chiesel is truly a unification of two great varieties: Cheese and Diesel. The male used was an NYC Diesel from the legendary Soma. The taste concoction of old skool…

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The 'Friesland Indica' is a classic strain of yesteryear, originally from the Super Sativa Seed club in Holland. A real frostmaster, easy to grow strong, a real step back in…

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Expect a melee of mouth watering flavours. The sweetness of the Super Silver Haze mixed with a pungent goodness of Cheese, a tsunami wave of highs!

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