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Medical Seeds - cannabis seeds with medicinal effects

Seeds from the Spanish Medical Seeds brand are bred especially for their medicinal properties. It's said this medicinal cannabis can help in case of insomnia, anorexia and in pain therapy.

Medical Seeds cannabis strains

MEDICALSEEDS is a small bank based in Barcelona that produces cannabis seeds geared towards medical use. The seed bank was established with the aim to replicate and improve a collection of selected genetics to create high-quality seeds.

The brand has always tried to combine and cross varieties with the intention of achieving improved quality and perform tests over a long period before the seeds become marketed genetics.

The people at Medical Seeds are so convinced of the quality of their product that they guarantee germination.

Currently, the bank offers 15 varieties with different flavours and sensations for the most discerning palates like the CBD-rich Y Griega CBD or the tasty Devil Fruit.

Medical Seeds at Azarius

Note: These seeds are not available in the Azarius store in Amsterdam, but if you call us a few days ahead of time we can arrange to stock the desired seeds just for you. Click here for the contact details: Azarius shop.

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1024 combines all good things: taste, production, growing ease and of course optimal medicinal qualities.

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The 2046 strain was selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable Haze aroma - the most powerful medicinal strain from Medical Seeds

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Jack La Mota contains LID, providing a very active euphoric reaction - a real stimulation bomb for the brain. Enjoy this Dutch treasure.

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Malakoff is a short flowering plant that Sativa lovers simply can't overlook.

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No Name has inherited the characteristic flavour of Cheese with a distinctive sweet touch of licorice stick. This is precisely why it is so appreciated.

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Let's hear it for the anonymous autoflower, the delicious, smelly and skunky No Name Auto by Medical Seeds. Who cut the cheese, man?

3 seeds - $22.74

OG Kush CBD by Medical Seeds fulfils many a stoner's pipedream: a CBD-rich version of the ever-popular OG Kush. A complete plant.

3 seeds - $23.88

Over Dawg by Medical Seeds, or should we say Top Dog, because the fusing of the OG Kush and Sour Diesel powerhouses will keep you seated for a while.

3 seeds - $23.88

The genetics of Prozack, with rock solid shoots, come from crossing a very famous Dutch variety (awarded several cups) and the best Kush, for an increase in production.

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Some Sweet is the result of Medical Seeds' mission to create ultimate all-round plant: easy, fast, sweet and it gets you perfectly high.

3 seeds - $26.16

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Sour Diesel is one of the finest genetics available on today's cannabis market. Originally Sativa, with clean and euphoric potent effect, but not very cerebral. She is the perfect all…

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White Widow has a very medicinal effect, owing to high CBD content. This strain is said to be suitable for treating many illnesses and chronic aches.

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Y Griega's growth begins with a dramatic force with a robust production of large and resinous buds

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This plant is the result of the collaboration with CBD Crew, it comes from their mother Y Griega crossed with a plant with high CBD and low THC levels, the…

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